Resident Services



“To increase the capacity of resident families to improve quality of life through community partnerships in education, job training, employment, and financial management that promotes self-sufficiency.”

Goal 1: To increase supportive services, community partnerships, and programs that will identify gaps and expand access to resources.

Goal 2: To work with all residents in accomplishing the successful completion of agreed upon goals that lead to self-sufficiency.

Family Self Sufficiency

FSS is a HUD based initiative within the Resident Opportunities Self Sufficiency (ROSS) Program that encourages communities to develop local strategies to help families obtain employment. The Program is a five year employment program that allows SHA/ISCEC residents to increase their earned income and reduces their dependency on welfare assistance and rental subsidies. During the five year duration of the Program, participants must identify and complete goals such as education, financial management, personal/professional development and/or homeownership counseling or homeownership. As the family becomes employed and pays increased rent, the family earns escrow money which continues to build up each month within the five year term. Upon successful completion of the program, the escrow is paid to the family. Employment helps families achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency. Learn more about how to get an escrow account and begin building a foundation to achieve your dreams today.