Housing Counseling

SHA/ISCEC is a HUD approved housing counseling agency. The program is designed to help consumers gain or maintain affordable housing through rental and housing counseling. Other housing counseling services include Budget, Credit, Homebuyers’ Education, One-on One, Pre-Purchase, Post-Purchase, Mortgage Delinquency, Default Foreclosure Prevention, and Predatory Lending Awareness.

To request a Housing Counseling Intake Application and Register for Workshops, please contact Keya Ruston, Housing Counselor at 704-761-4757 or by email at kruston@sha-online.org. Our office is located at 244 Dobson Avenue, Statesville NC 28677.


ISCEC conducts and facilitates a 6-hour Homebuyer Education workshop that provides information about the resources and steps involved in a home purchase. The successful completion of this class is required to qualify for various mortgage loans, down payment assistance, and other services provided by ISCEC. A complimentary breakfast and light lunch are provided at this workshop.

Topics Covered include:

Improving Quality of Life - Household Budget - Credit Analysis - Planning for Homeownership/Selecting a Home & Neighborhood - Mortgage Disclosures/Buyer’s Rights - The Closing Table - Insurance - Predatory Lending

**Schedule: Every 3rd Saturday of each month - 9:00 am until 3:00 pm

Rental Counseling

This class explains the importance of working and staying on a budget, “Living Within Your Means”, and being in control of your money using information from the Money Smart curriculum. The class is designed for renters who are consistently late with rental payments, and renters with little to no banking & financial education experience. The focus is on money skills and creating a positive banking relationship as well as personal financing and reserves, to eliminate unnecessary expenses in order to maintain current rent and monthly obligations.

**Schedule: Every 3rd Wednesday of each month - 9:00 am until 10:00 am


ISCEC provides a (1) hour workshop that explains the importance of working and staying on a budget “living within your means”, and being in control of your money using information and tools from the Money Smart curriculum approved by the FDIC. The focus is on improving financial management skills, including creating a positive banking relationship, and savings/reserves.

Topics Covered Include:

Budgeting Questionnaire - When Your Finances Are Out Of Control - What is a Budget - Planning Ahead - Debt vs. Expenses - Savings/Money Tips - Tax Refund - Unnecessary Fees - Establishing Your Budget

**Schedule: Every 3rd Wednesday of each month - 10:00 am until 11:00 & 4:00 pm until 5:00 pm

Credit Smart Workshop

This 1 .5 hours introductory workshop helps in understanding the Consumer Protection Laws, and provides the basics of credit reports, credit scoring and how both are used by lenders to determine access to credit. Through interactive exercises and learning checks, participants will gain an understanding of what a credit score is, as well as the factors of the FICO scoring model and its impact, learn how they are determined and be able to explain the meaning of information found in credit reports, including how to correct inaccurate information. Once the “nuts & bolts” of credit reports and credit scoring are mastered, participants will be able to apply this knowledge to navigate and manage credit wisely.

Topics Covered Include:

Understanding Credit Scoring - Establishing or Building Your Credit - Restoring Your Credit - Maintaining Your Credit - Thinking Like a Lender & Avoiding Credit Traps

**Schedule: Every 3rd Wednesday of the month – 11:00 am until 12:00 am & 5:00 pm until 6:00 pm

Please note ISCEC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule workshops according to the registered number of participants. In the event of low workshop registration or inclement weather, ISCEC will notify all registered participants before the scheduled workshop to verify cancellation.

No Registration Fee is required at this time for any workshop.

Housing Counseling - “One-on-One”

ISCEC provides counseling sessions held individually with the Housing Counselor to address your specific household needs and concerns. ISCEC strongly encourages its participants to follow-up with One-on-One counseling sessions after the completion of the workshops. Counseling sessions are by appointment ONLY; however, Walk-Ins are permitted at the discretion of the Housing Counselor.

  1. Budget Counseling - Improve Your Finances

  2. Credit Counseling - Improve Your Credit Status

  3. Pre-Purchase Counseling - Understand Your Buying Power & Rights

  4. Post-Purchase Counseling - Maintain Your Home Financially & Physically

  5. Mortgage Delinquency Counseling - Re-establish Your Mortgage

  6. Default/Foreclosure Prevention Counseling - AVOID Foreclosure

  7. Predatory Lending Counseling - Know The Risks Factors & Protect Yourself

Down Payment Assistance Program

ISCEC is a member of the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency’s (NCHFA) Community Partners Loan Pool (CPLP), and depending on the availability of funds, residents participating in ISCEC’s Home-ownership Program may apply for financial assistance to be applied toward the down payment, and/or closing cost associated with the purchase of a home. To qualify for down payment assistance, participants must meet required eligibility criteria, included but not limited to:

  1. Income based on family size

  2. Acceptable/Approved mortgage loan

  3. Location of property

  4. Age of Home